Saw this and it made me ask was it intentional? Did the creators of the alphabet do it with purpose?  If so does it matter? If Knowledge is only 96%, and the Hard Work of forming it was only 98% but the attitude, the attitude made all of it possible and should received 100% of the credit for the knowledge and hard work it took to make this amazing message.  Also if this was planned was it planned to spread a joyous message? A message that emotion is everything. A message to share we humans are emotions, and there is nothing more powerful then a positive focused man? 

I see such beauty in the message… 


Makes me also invoke that the attitude can go both ways to the negative NPR wrote a post about an authors view on the attitude of Psychopaths – the author asks if there is such a thing as a good psychopath, for some reason the article reminded me of attitude the intent, the emotion behind his thesis. 


Our attitudes are what drives us. As I write this I look out my window and a man is jogging. What motivates him? What is his attitude? Is that why hes able to run up the street when others can barley get off of the couch? 

Its so synergistic; everything is connected? One thing I do know is attitude is contagious. Surround yourself with people you strive to be like, and you will become who you want simply by association. Energy is what matters. Once you start clearing up some blocks “bing bang bong” you are free from it all. All it takes is the first step. So grateful these two pictures came in my life today. Gotta love the universe. 




The Best, 








Anyone else wish we didn’t have to sleep like the Vampires in Twilight. I want to complete so much but there is just so much to do in this life. We have to work to live. I feel as a society we are so obsessed with getting things on the list done, we never get to take the time to embrace the here, and now. There is so much going on right now in my life I just need to take a moment to pause, and readjust. 

I am balancing spending time with my dogs, my mom, my sister, my boyfriend, my friends, my education, my social group commitments, myself, physically mentally, socially, and soon new job. 

All while not trying to upset the balance. When one demands something randomly, and you cant deliver it feels as if you are not being a good performer to the balance.

Even when you are doing your best at that given moment. In this case a person. Sure you try to give attention to things that are more impending then you do them. Yet when they are feeling neglected It makes you feel guilty as shit but you also have to realize that THEY are not taking into account what you need to get done. Which doesn’t make a good friend. 

Yet the here and now is whats important if preparation meets opportunity you can succeed. 

I maybe able to squeeze things to flow a bit better if I work out a kink. 

I have so much to get done in the next few weeks I feel like I may explode. So I needed to take this time to write myself into a different thought process.

I had a Professor last semester his name was Kevin McDonough anybody who is at Lackawanna College must take him he has such great influence with his students. He  told me that time management is like quitting smoking it take much focus, and energy on the task at hand. So much focus that it may be madding, but none the less it IS possible. To get everything done on your list with discipline. 

Routine is going to be important in the coming weeks. I will be strong. I will  be empowered. I will focus, and follow through. No I am not a Vampire but I do have the skills I need.

 I will balance all of these obligations and get them done with epic flare. The Past, The Present, The Future together all tie into me being mindful. When we as humans are mindful we become centered,  and able to achieve the unimaginable. We are beyond strong we have cognitive skills no other member of our animal kingdom possess.

Its never to late for us to embrace our power. Its never to late for us to create harmony, its never to late for us to be mindful, and complete tasks as they appear.  We are humans, we are powerful. 

We just need to acknowledge the present, Ourselves, and be mindful.

Quick thank you and shout out to Kevin, Marsha, Tina, John and all those who have been promoting mindfulness to me this last semester. I am glad to be able to practice it daily, and promote it with SWAT.  You guys are awesome and know I am grateful. 

Family, God and Such things.

saints-michael-gabriel-raphaelJust a quick update or rather story for you all today – This week has been a jump and a jive with my emotions. Last night my mom had to go to the hospital due to congestive heart failure. The tests came back okay, and now its maintaining it. She was released, and came home.

While the test where happening I ended up getting mad at my boyfriend because I was expecting him to be more emotional and rush to my side.That is not something he would normally be able to do. He was supportive from a distance. I wanted his physical presence though. I went to sleep once she came home but I really needed perspective on all of this. 

Much to my surprise my friend used her spiritual gifts to channel in on the situation for me. She said he has some blocks about opening up. She also gave me a number to a prayer group who she called into pray for my mom. It has helped work miracles for her in the past. Much to my hesitation I called. I don’t like talking on the phone to strangers be it the bank, or a prayer group. I rather email or IM in.

I was able to pray for him, and I to communicate, to open our hearts to each other. The energy was so pure from the experience. I will attach the number so you can call. I am blessed to be where I am at in my life. God has given me this ability to see the Good in others, to be able to tune into there needs, and truly learn from my mistakes, and love intensely. 

The Prayer Group is called ‘Silent Unity’ you can call in anytime you hear music wait somebody will be right with you – the number is 1-800-669-7729 

They will pray about anything ; from relationships to illness, and careers. Anything! 

The lady was so compassionate; being about a same sex relationship I was worried. She was great though.


I really wanted to share this mostly because to day has been a meh day – for me, and everybody I feel – I needed this and I feel better knowing I can give you the tools that made me feel good as well. 

God Bless you all! 



We are okay!


After some complaining this morning – for a variety of reasons.

A article popped into my news feed on facebook this morning 29 Signs You’re Doing Just Fine (Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It)

It starts with “You have the freedom to live your life the way you want to live it.” – “If you often worry about what you’re going to do with your life – your career, your family, the next step, etc., be grateful. All details aside, this means you have ambition, passion, drive, and the freedom to make your own decisions.”

What I took from this section of the article is that when we have fear, or reservations it is actually a good thing it means. We are living life. We are making steps though they maybe more like the cha-cha instead of a Marathon towards our dreams towards our future.

As a 20 something I put so much pressure on myself to be the best. I am 25 and I will be getting my AS just before my 26th Birthday that scares the shit out of me. I don’t have my BA. At 25 I should be half done my MA and working on applying to PhD. programs.

Its crazy how much I want, and how much I still have to learn. I do know that I am grateful for the experiences I have had this last year. If I went to school right out of HS I would have not been committed to my studies, as much as I am now. I would not be ready for my boyfriend. My new friends. I would not have received so man y gifts that will continue to give for years.

If I didn’t take this journey, and the detours; or rather roads less traveled – if you are a frost fan.  Winding-Road-Gem21

I wouldn’t be the man I am, my friends, and family wouldn’t be the people they are also. We teach each other as needed.

I am taking so much knowledge in from my experiences in school. I am working my butt off to embrace these life style changes into a non-traditional college student role, good son, father to my fur babies, brother, and boyfriend. I will succeed in all that I do. As long as I keep moving be it the cha-cha or a marathon forward.

I will be happy; its my destiny. Its perception, and I need to continue to keep all of the troubles in perspective.

The Power’s that be – Do not make mistakes – there is a time, and place for everything even though you may want it to happen, or have happened at a certain time. We can only take action steps to move forward.

So I want to end this by saying – We are okay. We are where we are supposed to be right here, right now. So lets take comfort.



I am feeling completely alone in this!

As I realize that we are moving towards the future, we can’t fully live in the present! We have to look back to make choices in the here, and now.

Time strips everything that we are experiencing away from us. A balance is but a human made illusion. It makes life nothing at all, yet everything at the same time.

As some claim we are the universe experiencing a human experience. If that is true we can assume illusion is part of our existence. A professor once wrote that there are 4 doors to help cope with life in a human mind. One being madness. We are all a little mad. It’s how we preserver. Is it not?

We all believe there is some kind of hope; we can call that, living in a fantasy land. Or what it is delusion, ignorance, and madness.

Another door is the door of death when there is a lack of delusion, ignorance, faith, and hope.

Then I think why should we think so much about something we have absolutely no control over? Are we seeking control? I know that to be the reason I seek answers.

One thing I am sure of be it based in delusion, madness, or truth life is a gift. To suffer is to exist, and it is something beautiful, horrifying, and terrifying but it’s something that we are all going through. When we can talk about it. For me it makes it a little less scary.

Many thoughts today!

– A philosophers mind at 8:46 am! (Yay for being awake less then an hour.)

Doreen Virtue – Angel Reading August 18th – 24th

I wanted to share something with you, I watch every week that gives me inspiration to be open to the healing, and light energy around me.

Upon the weeks completion, I will write another post, and I will explain how these things came to fruition.

After watching the video. I invite all of you to post your own reflection as to how the themes took forum for you.

There is already signs of letting go, embracing my beauty, and creative expression for me and the week has barley started! 🙂

So its no wonder why I am truly excited to see how great this week turns out for all of us.

Please post a comment with how this week turned out for you, and what you guys have learned.

Sharing is caring, and we will gain life changing knowledge when we start to share our experiences, and gifts.


Love Always,