Wow just wow this month has been hoping. I want to start off with apologizing that I haven’t been on here. I should have started this blog with a disclaimer that I may disappear from time to time. I do have many obligations in addition to being a full time student. With my sophomore year starting this has been a processes to balance everything. I started taking on things I shouldn’t have been, and these last 17 days I needed to release some things that were no longer serving my highest self.

That is part of growing as a person. I will always say when confronted about negativity that I am beyond blessed to be where I am in my life. As I do realize everything happens for a greater reason, and I feel that with things speeding up. I am attempting to work ahead in my courses and geteer done as they say. So It can leave me more time for my family (dogs, and boyfriend included), friends, and work.

That makes me want to bring up time management and why it is so important as not just spirtual people but the non spirtual as well. I have seen my class mates 3 weeks in burning out. I have been feeling pretty burnt out but unlike these students I am going at a steady rate. I have noticed that students are already missing courses.

It may or may not be due to the weather changing. My boyfriend is currently a substitute teacher (soon to be a full time English, and Spanish teacher) right now he makes his living on people either taking off because they are sick, had some kinda tragedy, or taking off because they need to reboot, or are mega health, and living life to its fullest. (IE on Vacation) he get calls when teachers call off and I have noticed that students, teachers, even I have been guilty – we run ourselves ragged with so much responsibility and time commitments that we stop taking care of ourselves and we get sick.

How many of you need 8-10 hours of sleep, how many of you need 12? Did you know the average sleep a college student gets is 6.9 hours. ( A healthy amount is usually suggested between 7-9 hours give or take depends on the age, health and a variety of other factors making each person different.

We know ourselves though and we seem to have stopped listening to our body in order to please the demand of others in the world.

As I right this I speak from hypocrisy as I have been neglecting myself – Currently at work at 10 pm on a Tuesday; I got three hours of sleep last night, and started my day at 7 since I had class at 8am. With that said I am also speaking from a wounded mans experience. I realize that I need to start to take care of myself. I also realize that this isn’t just a personal problem. Unlike me my friends are already starting to drop like flies – they are being forced by their bodies to rest.

So I urge you – as I will be tonight to get rest, drink some water, and take at least an hour a day for you.


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