Family Force 5 – Glow In The Dark

My boyfriend exposed me to this song on date night which fell on the pisces super moon, and I just cant stop jamming to it. Its uplifting, and fun. I personally feel the release positive energy in the lyrics. The words describe God almost as Rumi did, as a lover. Which leaves a pretty powerful impression. Something we can all use. I have found that a decent chuck of music out there releases some very toxic energy its rare to find a band that is uplifting and has a rock element without the lyrics getting mega religious. So I suggest that you should take a listen. Maybe you will have found a new favorite band, to add to your work out or morning drive playlist?


Family Force 5 Glow In the Dark

Family Force 5 might just be one of the most eclectic bands around. With a unique blend of hip-hop, hard rock, and dance music, this group has something to offer for everyone. Their latest single, Glow In The Dark, is yet another testament of the group’s unique, high octane sound.

At the song’s start, this might appear to be one of their softer songs. The light electric guitars and soft vocals initially sound like they’re taking us into ballad zone, but that just ain’t the band’s style. When drums start building, and the pulsing electronic synths kick in, the song simply takes off. The chorus takes us to dizzying heights, with pounding beat and lyrics that just beg us to chant along. Once the song take us to the top of the roller coaster, we’re left in a state of free fall into a hard rock electro breakdown that really gets…

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