Doreen Virture: Angel Reading Recap, and Reflection on the New Reading for August 25-31st

Last weeks themes where about letting go, beauty, and creative expression. 


For me Letting go was my emotional blocks. It was a pretty cathartic experience. It was mostly talking through it. As for the beauty realizing I am physically attractive, as well as beautiful inside not just out. That is something that is really important for me to remember let the outside be a reflection of whats inside. 

The creative expression was starting the blog and writing. Though I slowed down it was something that was important. It was also inspiring my boyfriend to start blogging again. He has posted many blogs since I started this little project of self discovery. My creative expression is inspiring others… which is something that also makes me beautiful. 

I write this not in vanity but in acknowledgement of who I am.

We are all beautiful. 


So that is last weeks recap!


This week is about, Taking Inventory, Getting in touch with what you desire career wise, The last card is Charity.

 So Monday I was doing inventory on my money. I have not been in a good place since I left PetSmart made me really think about what I need and don’t. I am now coming up with an action plan to save and get where I need be. I am luck to say that on wed night (yesterday) I started my new job at AAA working as an emergency roadside rep – when you breakdown I am the one you call. AAA North Penn is a non-profit which is interesting because I always felt that was a calling Non-Profit work. Though I do desire to be a professor I also desire to make a difference in lives as much as I can.


I am happy to be using my education in Human Services to be able to respond to people who are in need, and sometimes crisis. Makes me feel like I am applying something I am studying which is rare. My Charity work for the weekend has yet to be thought out. I dont have much money but it is important to do at least something. 


With all that said this is your Angel Reading for August 25- 31st by Ms. Doreen Virtue (Enjoy!).




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