Saw this and it made me ask was it intentional? Did the creators of the alphabet do it with purpose?  If so does it matter? If Knowledge is only 96%, and the Hard Work of forming it was only 98% but the attitude, the attitude made all of it possible and should received 100% of the credit for the knowledge and hard work it took to make this amazing message.  Also if this was planned was it planned to spread a joyous message? A message that emotion is everything. A message to share we humans are emotions, and there is nothing more powerful then a positive focused man? 

I see such beauty in the message… 


Makes me also invoke that the attitude can go both ways to the negative NPR wrote a post about an authors view on the attitude of Psychopaths – the author asks if there is such a thing as a good psychopath, for some reason the article reminded me of attitude the intent, the emotion behind his thesis. 


Our attitudes are what drives us. As I write this I look out my window and a man is jogging. What motivates him? What is his attitude? Is that why hes able to run up the street when others can barley get off of the couch? 

Its so synergistic; everything is connected? One thing I do know is attitude is contagious. Surround yourself with people you strive to be like, and you will become who you want simply by association. Energy is what matters. Once you start clearing up some blocks “bing bang bong” you are free from it all. All it takes is the first step. So grateful these two pictures came in my life today. Gotta love the universe. 




The Best, 






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