Anyone else wish we didn’t have to sleep like the Vampires in Twilight. I want to complete so much but there is just so much to do in this life. We have to work to live. I feel as a society we are so obsessed with getting things on the list done, we never get to take the time to embrace the here, and now. There is so much going on right now in my life I just need to take a moment to pause, and readjust. 

I am balancing spending time with my dogs, my mom, my sister, my boyfriend, my friends, my education, my social group commitments, myself, physically mentally, socially, and soon new job. 

All while not trying to upset the balance. When one demands something randomly, and you cant deliver it feels as if you are not being a good performer to the balance.

Even when you are doing your best at that given moment. In this case a person. Sure you try to give attention to things that are more impending then you do them. Yet when they are feeling neglected It makes you feel guilty as shit but you also have to realize that THEY are not taking into account what you need to get done. Which doesn’t make a good friend. 

Yet the here and now is whats important if preparation meets opportunity you can succeed. 

I maybe able to squeeze things to flow a bit better if I work out a kink. 

I have so much to get done in the next few weeks I feel like I may explode. So I needed to take this time to write myself into a different thought process.

I had a Professor last semester his name was Kevin McDonough anybody who is at Lackawanna College must take him he has such great influence with his students. He  told me that time management is like quitting smoking it take much focus, and energy on the task at hand. So much focus that it may be madding, but none the less it IS possible. To get everything done on your list with discipline. 

Routine is going to be important in the coming weeks. I will be strong. I will  be empowered. I will focus, and follow through. No I am not a Vampire but I do have the skills I need.

 I will balance all of these obligations and get them done with epic flare. The Past, The Present, The Future together all tie into me being mindful. When we as humans are mindful we become centered,  and able to achieve the unimaginable. We are beyond strong we have cognitive skills no other member of our animal kingdom possess.

Its never to late for us to embrace our power. Its never to late for us to create harmony, its never to late for us to be mindful, and complete tasks as they appear.  We are humans, we are powerful. 

We just need to acknowledge the present, Ourselves, and be mindful.

Quick thank you and shout out to Kevin, Marsha, Tina, John and all those who have been promoting mindfulness to me this last semester. I am glad to be able to practice it daily, and promote it with SWAT.  You guys are awesome and know I am grateful. 


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