I am feeling completely alone in this!

As I realize that we are moving towards the future, we can’t fully live in the present! We have to look back to make choices in the here, and now.

Time strips everything that we are experiencing away from us. A balance is but a human made illusion. It makes life nothing at all, yet everything at the same time.

As some claim we are the universe experiencing a human experience. If that is true we can assume illusion is part of our existence. A professor once wrote that there are 4 doors to help cope with life in a human mind. One being madness. We are all a little mad. It’s how we preserver. Is it not?

We all believe there is some kind of hope; we can call that, living in a fantasy land. Or what it is delusion, ignorance, and madness.

Another door is the door of death when there is a lack of delusion, ignorance, faith, and hope.

Then I think why should we think so much about something we have absolutely no control over? Are we seeking control? I know that to be the reason I seek answers.

One thing I am sure of be it based in delusion, madness, or truth life is a gift. To suffer is to exist, and it is something beautiful, horrifying, and terrifying but it’s something that we are all going through. When we can talk about it. For me it makes it a little less scary.

Many thoughts today!

– A philosophers mind at 8:46 am! (Yay for being awake less then an hour.)


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